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Loans, unlike grants and scholarships, need to be repaid. There are two types: federally/state funded and private. Federally funded loans are best because they provide the most consumer-friendly loan rates, benefits, and repayment options. Private loans are available through banks and other private lenders and come with varying rates, benefits, and repayment options. If you are considering private loans, here are a few important things to consider.


How to Repay Your Student Loans:

Student loan repayment plan options


Additional student loan resources:


Defaulted Student Loans

If in doubt, you can contact the company where you received your educational loan directly to see if they offer loan rehabilitation programs.  If you have a defaulted student loan and would like to receive financial aid again to complete your education, Complete the Degree will help you determine if you may be able to participate in a loan rehabilitation program.


If you wish to find out about the status of your student loans and/or eligibility for a loan rehabilitation program, you can call the following numbers:

  • American Education Services: 1.800.233.0751
  • Federal Student Aid: 1.800.621.3115


Note: You can log on to FSA ID to check on the status of your loans.  If you have not applied for aid/logged in the system since May 2015, you will have to create a new Federal Student Aid ID.