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There are many deadlines to keep in mind when considering financial aid. Complete the Degree recommends applying for all financial aid programs as early as possible for best results. If you wait to apply, you may be left with limited options as some funds run out early each year. Your Complete the Degree advisor will also help you stay on track with financial aid applications when planning your return to college.


Tax Day

April 15th is the deadline to file your taxes. All financial assistance forms will require information from your tax return. So, be sure you file your taxes on time. However, we recommend filing for financial aid prior to April as the assistance available lessens the longer you wait. Once you enroll in college, remember to look into college tax deductions and credits.



The deadline for your FAFSA is June 30th if you plan to attend classes in August. However, more funding will be available to aid students if you apply early. In Illinois you are encouraged to complete and submit each academic year’s FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1st. You may also want to ask your college about its definition of an application deadline – whether it is the date the college receives your FAFSA, or the date your FAFSA is processed. Learn more about federal grant and loans for students.


Illinois MAP Grant

If you are applying for financial to attend college during an academic year that starts on or after July 1, you are encouraged to complete and submit each academic year’s FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1st.Your eligibility for the MAP grant will be automatically determined if the approved Illinois college at which you plan to use the award is listed on your FASFA. Please be aware that based on application volume and appropriated funds for any academic year, grant funding is likely to be depleted before all eligible applicants can be awarded.  When this occurs ISAC will announce a suspension date.  Any information related to MAP Grant funding suspensions will be outlined in the Processing Updates section, for the appropriate year(s).

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